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A responsible company

The Management team and the whole staff of MySeaHouse Hotel Neptuno and MySeaHouse Hotel Flamingo hotels is seriously committed to our social reality.

We focus all our social efforts and support on HELPING PEOPLE DEVELOP, starting with education and a CHILD’S basic needs through to PROVIDING ADULTS WITH THE BASIC TOOLS for their development.

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Neptuno Hotel

Company Policy:

Our hotels have the priority of TRANSMITTING the warmth of the Mediterranean to our guests through a warm and exquisite service and an impeccable cuisine, optimising the management of the economic, material and human resources at our disposal.

The basic principles that show our character and that guide our day-to-day work are:

  • Stand out due to the service that we offer to our clients, based on professionalism and warmth, both individually and collectively.
  • Create a good working space where responsibility and respect are the inspiration that bring the best out of us every day.
  • Encouraging teamwork. Everyone’s participation is fundamental to achieve a common objective: that our clients want to keep relying on us year after year.
  • To be an organisation focused on continuous improvement of service through the contributions of our staff, suppliers and clients.
  • Respecting our environment and adopting the necessary measures to reduce and prevent contamination from our activities, boosting an efficient management of the residues that we generate and good practices destined both for our staff and to our clients, based on criteria of sustainability, recycling and efficiency in the use of resources.
  • Acting with moral integrity, loyalty and respect to people, meeting the legal and regulation requirements.
  • Offering maximum SECURITY to those that coexist in our establishments, guaranteeing continuous maintenance of our facilities; and promoting Universal Accessibility.
  • Being socially committed to the community that we live in.
  • To support international human and labour rights.
  • This Policy is revised periodically and it constitutes the framework of reference for the definition and revision of our objectives and goals.
Neptuno Hotel
Neptuno Hotel
Neptuno Hotel

2017 Report of projects that we have participated in:


The ESTEL NOU charity who, through its Special Occupational Centre, works creating stable jobs for people with reduced mobility with the aim of improving their quality of life. All the courtesy jams that we offer to our returning clients and also those of the buffet breakfast are made at this Special Occupational Centre. They are 100% homemade natural jams, made with fruit from the Sóller Valley and following traditional recipes with the best local produce.


ES REFUGI. It is a non-profit organisation that works to host and mitigate the basic needs of people that for different reasons find themselves or are at risk of becoming socially excluded. Both MySeaHouse Hotel Neptuno and MySeaHouse Hotel Flamingo donate food to this organisation every week.


FUNDACION DEIXALLES: MySeaHouse Hotels donated furniture from the rooms at Hotel Flamingo prior to its renovation to the foundation.


CORPUS CHRISTI PARISH in Palma de Mallorca, providing funds for books and meals, for the schooling of three children in Mallorca.


FUNDACION SEUR: In 2016 we signed an agreement with this foundation to collect plastic tops from bottles and jars in aid of rare diseases research.


NEW PARTNERSHIPS IN 2017: Apart from our usual collaborations, as of 2017 we also support the following charities which specialise in child welfare: Sonrisa Médica, Fundación Nazaret and Fundación Rana.


Collaboration with FUNDACIÓN NUEVO FUTURO, a non-profit organisation whose objective is to offer shelter to children and youngsters who are not in a structured family environment, with the aim of favouring their integral development.


Financial support to PROYECTO HOMBRE, an organisation that works to prevent drug consumption and to rehabilitate and reinsert drug users into society.

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Suggestion or idea mailbox:

Please contact us via email or our Facebook page should you require further information regarding the projects we are currently involved in, or if you would like to let us know about any new ventures that could be of interest to us.